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Our shared vision is to sustain and enhance local healthcare in the Thumb. Together, we plan to:


Maintain and enhance the immediate and long-term financial viability of our health systems.

Maintain the hospitals as acute care facilities while continuing to invest and grow core and specialty services so that we can treat more complex cases locally.

Invest in infrastructure improvements and updates that will allow us to provide more efficient and higher quality care to our patients.

Create new ways to work together that will grow local access to care, increase quality and provide more opportunities and resources for our teams.

Invest in charity care to ensure all members of our community can access the care they need.

Build upon the great work of our teams to continue increasing the clinical quality of our services and programs.

Devote resources to improve recruitment and retention across our entire workforce, including primary care and specialty care physicians and advanced practice professionals .

Broaden and deepen community support and engagement across the Thumb.

We are excited about the ways our patients and communities will benefit from our proposed combination. Together, we will be able to create a connected care network that will increase access to even more services close to home.

We have much work to do in the weeks and months ahead; however, nothing changes today, including the services we provide. Patients should keep their appointments and continue to visit their providers, clinics and facilities as they always have.

It’s important to know nothing will change immediately. We have made this decision with our staff top of mind. By combining our organizations, we will have access to more resources that will ultimately allow us to better support you and the critical role you play in our patients’ lives through recruitment and retention efforts, infrastructure improvements and more.

Most importantly, there are no immediate changes on the horizon, and we do not expect any job loss as a result of the proposed combination. Meeting the current and future healthcare needs of our communities in the Thumb depends on maintaining, recruiting and advancing a dedicated and high-performing workforce and medical staff. We can’t achieve our shared goals without you.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions